Join us and the wonderful Amy from @rainbow.folk on a crafty adventure! 
Learn how to make these lovely rainbows with the kids as a fun half term activity,
plus you'll get a beautiful new ornament to keep! 

What you'll need

  • Rope/Yarn for the rainbow (we used 3 strands doubled up)
  • Yarn for wrapping rainbow( as many colours as you'd like for your rainbow, we've used 3) 
  • Floristry/ bendy wire. (one length for each arch)
  • Scissors 
  • Needle and thread (eyelet should be big enough to thread your yarn through)
  • A little helper

Let's get started!

1. You will need three different pieces of rope/ yarn.
For this rainbow we've used 3 pieces of thick yarn grouped together.
2. Starting with the smallest arch lay them down along with the wire.
The wire gives your rainbow the arch shape.
Wrap your yarn around the rope/yarn and wire.
You can tie a knot at the beginning or just hold securely in place. 
3.  You can wrap the yarn around the arch however many
times you want too, depending on how thick you want your rainbow.
In the picture I have wrapped it three times. 
4.  Secure the thread by pulling the end through with the
needle as pictured. You have your fist arch. 
5.Measure out your middle arch and repeat the
wrapping instructions, and again with the top arch.
6. Lay all three together in a rainbow shape,
you can adjust the shape here before you sew together. 
7.  Using your needle and thread and starting at the bottom
of one arch, secure the thread with a knot and sew the
rainbow together, keeping the arch shape as you go.
Make sure to tie a secure knot at the end. 
8. When you have sewn it together you can trim the tassels to the
desired length. Add a little strand of yarn at the top for hanging. 
8. And voila! Now you have a wonderful rainbow to hang around
the house and the memories of creating something together. 
We've love to see your rainbows! 
Share them @littlegreenradicals #lgrgetscrafty to feature on
our social media pages. 

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