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Nick Pecorelli

Little Green Radicals Founder

Most people set up fashion companies because they want to make things that look beautiful. I started Little Green Radicals because for me nothing is truly beautiful unless it is made the right way. From the beginning our clothes have always been organic and Fairtrade, and I am energised by a desire to improve what we make, the way we treat the people who make it and our impact on the environment. 

Back in 2005 I designed a set of humorous eco slogan t-shirts and playsuits that gave birth to the company we are today. Not long afterwards, and thankfully for all concerned, I relinquished control of design to the very talented Josie Bragg, who has given Little Green Radicals something that no one else could have imagined. 

As we have grown so have I, and I have learned the value of nurturing an inclusive business which encourages work life balance and promotes the ambition of all. My ambition remains for Little Green Radicals to blaze a trail for an ethical fashion revolution. 

Come and meet our lovely UK team

We’re based in Brixton, London, but a lot of us work from home, even under normal circumstances, as we encourage a good work / life balance through part-time, home and flexible working. We believe in giving parents the opportunity to have a job they are passionate about, and have time to spend with their family. Bonnie, our production manager is our longest standing team member who’s still with us three children and 12 years after she first joined!

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The Little Green Radicals Family

Our kids are also & important part of the team! They ‘test’ our clothes, feedback on their favourite styles often come with us to photoshoots. You may see lots of them popping up on social media and our website.