Deeps textiles

Nestled in lush greenery near Kolkata,
Deeps is a family run producer in the
beautiful Indian countryside

All About Deeps...


years' experience





Deeps are a wonderful ethical producer who make our babygrows, tops & bottoms all from a super soft organic knitted cotton. We hugely value their expertise and love visiting Soumodip and his family who always make us feel incredibly welcome in India.

Who Made My Clothes?

This Fashion Revolution week, some of our Little Green Radicals kids
asked the owner of Deeps, Soumodip, a few questions to find out
'Who Made My Clothes'. Here's what he said..

equality & empowerment

wonderful zero waste projects

expert hand screen-printers

What we love about Deeps

What makes Deeps special?

Deeps collaborate with Swadhina, a wonderful organisation that works to
improve the lives of women in the remotest corners of rural India for the past 25 years.
Providing women with steady pay helps them to become independent, empowered
and self-reliant. Deeps provides specialist training for its female employees as well as
healthcare to give more opportunities for a better life and better future.