Let’s keep the planet cool! Little changes, big difference

Helping kids realise that their choices have an impact on the environment can empower them to take action! For young children, books like Melanie Walsh’s ‘10 Things I Can Do To Help My World’ is a gentle way to start, encouraging simple everyday changes like using both sides of the paper and turning off the lights. For older kids who want more involvement, they could become a Planet Protector with Friends of the Earth!

Be a Little Green Digger

Inspire a love of nature by planting together; nurturing seedlings as they grow, sewing wildflowers for bees or planting a tree. 

Journey towards plastic free

Using a reusable bag can keep up to 600 single use plastic bags out of landfill. Here are some other great tips to reduce plastic.

Give it a second life

Is it a cardboard box? Or is it a robot head, sailing boat or dolls house in the making? Give new life to old packaging - take a look at how to make an eco rainmaker instrument from leftover materials. 

Love your clothes

Small repairs can help clothes last longer and reduce waste. We’ve put together some handy tutorials on how to fix a button, sew on a patch and use the sashiko method to repair small tears. 

We like to move it! 

Walking, cycling or scooting instead of driving 2 miles keeps 1kg of pollution out of the air.* 

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