“Nothing is truly beautiful unless it is made the right way.”

Nick Pecorelli, Founder

At Little Green Radicals we’re on a mission to make the world better. We believe that how we do business and the choices that you, our wonderful customers make, have the power to change the world.

Always organic cotton

Pesticides? No thanks. We only use organic cotton to protect growers, their families and the land they live on from harmful chemicals. Plus, organic cotton is super soft, long-lasting and and gentle on your child’s delicate skin. What’s not to love?!

Fairtrade pioneers

In 2005 we became one of the first companies to use Fairtrade cotton. And we’ve been choosing Fairtrade ever since. Simply put, this means we pay more for our cotton, which gives more to the farmers, their families and their communities. They receive a guaranteed minimum price which means they will always be able to cover their costs, plus an extra premium to make improvements to their daily lives.

Producer partners

We are extremely proud of the long standing relationships we have with our amazing producer partners in India (Deeps, Logotech, Qualiance and Rajlakshmi). Their skill and dedication means our clothing is beautifully made, fantastic quality and incredibly long-lasting. Our Fairtrade certification guarantees transparency and good working standards where the clothes your children wear are made.

Planet friendly recycled fabric

Whilst most of our clothing is made from Fairtrade, organic cotton, there are some products that simply don’t work as well in this material. So, we found a fantastic partner who recycles post-consumer plastic bottles and polyester into fabric and voila, we have recycled waterproof outerwear and swimwear!

So far, we’ve saved over 290,000 post-consumer plastic bottles from landfill!

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Treading lightly on the earth

We are always looking at how we can reduce our impact on the planet. Our clothing bags are 100% compostable and made from natural cereals, and all our packaging is recycled and recyclable. We also work closely with our producers to minimise waste and turn ‘rescued fabric’ into lovely new products.

We’ve replaced over 565,000 plastic bags (and counting...)

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Made to last

We pride ourselves in not following trends, focusing instead on making timeless, long-lasting clothes that perform brilliantly, even when they're put through the paces by the most rambunctious wearers! We hope our clothes will be loved by one child, and then passed along to another (and then another...)

And don't just take our word for it, we've won some lovely awards too!

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Return & Earn

Join our SuperLoop! Return your pre-loved Little Green Radicals clothes for free and get 15% back to spend on your next order. Your pre-loved clothes will be rented out by SuperLooper for other families to enjoy. If your child's clothes still fit but just need a little TLC, take a look at our repair tips to keep them lovely for longer.

Return & Earn

Designed for Life

After a member of our community got in touch to say how hard it is to find affordable, organic, colourful clothes for her daughter who has disabilities, our production team got to work and created an 8 piece adaptive collection in collaboration with a group of parents and leading disability charity Purple Tuesday.

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Repair & Renew

Let's keep clothes out of landfill together! Even if clothes are built to last, the most loved ones encounter some wear and tear. So to keep clothes lovely for longer, we've put together some handy guides, from washing tips & simple fix-it tutorials to upcycling ideas for when they really have reached the end of their current life.

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