join our jamboree!

As we yearn to come together, our spring collection beckons towards
a time when we can celebrate with one another once again.
When we can gather and share a joyful jamboree.

dance to the sound
of beautiful birdsong...

& dig out your banjo,
trumpet or drums to play
along with our bear band!

what inspired our jamboree?

Each new collection starts with a simple idea. Jamboree began with the
image of a group of friendly animals celebrating together in the forest.
From this, our band of musical bears was born, tooting their horns and
strumming their banjos with birds singing and tapping along and each
colourful hand-drawn print grew from there...

designed by our
lovely team in the UK

who brings the collection to life?

Always Fairtrade and always organic,
we do everything we can to match great design
with respect for the environment and the
wonderful people who make our clothes.

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