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This is the first time we have offered exclusive early purchase of a collection to our loyal customers. Let's explain why...

Always organic, always Fairtrade

A better way

We don’t do things like other brands. We don’t seek the cheapest. We don’t pay our suppliers after we have sold the product. We do things our way. The right way.

It starts with our organic cotton farmers, who don’t have to handle dangerous pesticides and get a Fairtrade premium to fund things like nurseries. We work with great factories who look after their workers and respect the environment. We will order our next Autumn collection this month, and start paying straight away. It takes five or six months to make everything and get it here by boat. By pre-ordering, you let us know exactly what you want and this prevents waste, and supports the way we do business.

Exclusive access for one week only!
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Delivery August/September

We don’t do things like other brands.

Always organic pesticide-free and Fairtrade cotton.

Long-term relationships with factories that treat their workers well.

Recycled bottles used to make our waterproof fabrics.

An adaptive range to reach out to disabled children.

Lower waste, lower pollution and carbon footprint, more biodiversity.

Independent certifications

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