wear it. return it free.
get money to spend
on new clothes.

welcome to our pre-loved
clothing return service

Little Green Radicals have joined forces with pre-loved baby and children’s clothing library SuperLooper to keep our clothes in circulation for longer.

how does it work?

1. Return your pre-loved, but wearable, Little Green Radicals clothes to our friends SuperLooper for FREE!

2. Your clothes will be checked and graded based on their condition by SuperLooper, an independent third party social enterprise. 

3. Based on the grade given, we’ll send you a voucher to spend when you next order from us.

4. Your lovely clothes will be added to the SuperLooper library for other families to enjoy.

Simple as that!

Don't forget to include your name and email address!

what will I get?

Once SuperLooper have graded your clothes, we'll send you a voucher based on the grade and the average category price of the product (not individual product prices). You can spend this voucher on your next Little Green Radicals purchase, with no minimum order value!

This table below shows the voucher value you'd receive per category and grade.

Product Categories Super Voucher Value Good Voucher Value
Raincoats £7.80 £5.20
Snowsuits £7.20 £4.80
Snug As A Bug Suits & Winter Jackets £5.85 £3.90
Sherpa Blanket & Corduroy Trousers £5.40 £3.60
Spring Jackets & Hoodies £5.10 £3.40
Dresses & Dungarees £4.80 £3.20
Jumpsuits & Pyjamas £4.20 £2.80
Baby Blanket - Interlock, Playsets, Shorts Twill, Trousers £3.75 £2.50
Interlock Dresses & Dungarees, Sweatshirts, Shirts £3.60 £2.40
Babygrows £3.15 £2.10
Sherpa Accessories £2.85 £1.90
Joggers & Tops £2.70 £1.80
Rib Baby Body, Rib Leggings, Shorts, Sun Hats, T-Shirts, Vests £2.25 £1.50
Baby Body, Interlock Leggings £1.65 £1.10
Baby Cap £1.35 £0.90

It will take around 3 weeks from sending your pre-loved clothes back to receiving your voucher. 

what happens to my pre-loved clothes?

They get a new life! Your clothes will be rented out for other children to enjoy by the lovely independent social enterprise, SuperLooper. Come this way to find out more >

*SuperLooper can only rent out wearable clothes. If your little one has had a lot of fun in their clothes and you don’t think they can be passed on and worn again, we recommend up-cycling into something new or recycling them locally.

terms & conditions

+ The Little Green Radicals SuperLoop is currently only available to UK residents
+ This free post service is separate from our the Little Green Radicals standard free post returns for newly purchased product
+ The money back percentage is an introductory offer and may change in the future 
+ SuperLooper grading decision is independent of Little Green Radicals
+ There is no minimum order value that needs to be met to use your vouchers
+ Vouchers are based on the average full price per category (see table above)
+ Vouchers are not dependent on the exact price paid
+ If you end up with more than one voucher code, please email customerservice@littlegreenradicals.co.uk to consolidate them