Fairtrade pioneers

Since 2013

In a nutshell Fairtrade certification gives our cotton farmers a guaranteed minimum price, extra money for a community fund and co-operative support.

When we started out back in 2005, Little Green Radicals become one of the first companies to use Fairtrade certified cotton alongside some other wonderful UK brands. Simply put, this means we pay more for the cotton we use, which gives more to the farmers, their families and the communities who grow it.

Meet our cotton farmers

Why we do business a little differently

We’re privileged to work with fantastic cotton growers like Chetna Organics from Yavatmal in India, who now have nearly 36,000 cotton farmers who work together, sharing their knowledge and experience. Of course, it also means decent working standards throughout the supply chain, including the places where the cotton is spun into thread, turned into fabric and made into clothes, and all the cotton we use is organic too. This is particularly important because intensive pesticide use to grow cotton is harmful to farmers and their families.