Nick Pecorelli, Founder

As the Founder of Little Green Radicals I have always said we don’t do politics we just show by example. But what is unfurling in Ukraine in front of our eyes is beyond politics. On Europe’s doorstep people who only a few days ago led lives like your’s or mine fear that they or those they love will not live out the day. Whoever we are we can all do something to help stop this madness. As businesses we can make our views clear, we can donate and support where we can but much more importantly we can play our part in saying no. At Little Green Radicals we say no to sales to Russia while their despotic leader pursues this insanity. We urge all brands however large or small to do the same. If the plushest streets of Moscow were full of closed signs it would be one more unmistakable signal that we share a common humanity; that this has to stop.
We urge all brands to say no to Putin.

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