International Women's Day 2022

This International Women’s Day we want to highlight some of the brilliant work our partners in India are doing to support women and girls in their communities.

Deeps Textiles

Deeps, one of our long time partners, enable their female employees to become self reliant and independent by providing them with steady pay, skills training to allow job progression and healthcare with the aim of giving a better life today, and tomorrow. 


Chetna Organic Peace by Peace Project 

Chetna organic were the first group of smallholder cotton farmers in India to receive the Fairtrade Certificate in 2004. Since then, they have focussed on the development of women with projects like Peace by Peace which provides education funding and vocational training with a focus on helping girls develop their skills, in addition to helping farmers transition to organic.

Suminter Organics Project Disha 

The cotton farmers from Suminter use their Fairtrade Premium for projects including Project Disha, a mentor program which supports over 500 girls to go into higher education as well as providing financial assistance in the form of scholarships. They have also introduced a water-harnessing initiative to help combat severe water shortages, which dramatically affects the village women who otherwise have to carry water long distances for their families. 




Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.


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