Choosing clothes for your child can be a lot of fun! But keeping them in fantastic condition can be a little harder. So we spoke to rental company @thelittleloopclothing who are experts in keeping clothes looking lovely for longer to find out, "What is the best way to wash my child's clothes?"
Look no further for the Ultimate Guide To Washing Baby Clothes!! We'll cover everything you need to know from selecting clothes that will last, choosing the right temperature and the best way to dry. Here we go...
Choose the right clothes
First things first, you have to pick the right clothes. Here at Little Green Radicals, we make 100% Organic Cotton Clothes for Babies & Kids aged 0-8y. Not only is organic cotton free of nasty chemicals and toxins that can irritate your child's skin it is also  really durable and long-lasting too!

When to start washing baby clothes?

It’s good to wash all newborn baby clothes before putting them on your little ones. Even brand-new items will have accrued germs along their journey to you which could be harmful to your newborn’s sensitive skin. But the big question still remains, when should expectant parents start washing their baby’s wardrobe?  
Well it largely depends on where clothes will be stored. Will they have access to air movement and will they be accumulating dust? If you’re concerned about the clothes getting a little stale before your little one arrives, it may be best to wash them as close to your due date as possible. That being said, just-washed clothes should stay fresh for a couple weeks or so.

Should I wash baby clothes separately? (If so, when can I wash everything together?)

It’s best to wash baby clothes separately from other laundry until baby is at least a few months old. This is to reduce the chance of germs and dirt from other clothing transferring on to baby’s clothes and causing irritation to their incredibly sensitive skin. Bigger and heavier items (like towels) can also damager smaller and more delicate pieces.
Another pro tip would be to pop tiny socks and other small items into a laundry bag so that they don’t get lost in your washing machine.

How often should I wash my babies clothes?

There is no right answer for this. Some parents wash items of clothing straight after their little one has worn it, and other’s will re-use items if they’re not visibly dirty.
The most important thing is to find a routine that works for you and your baby, balancing washing loads with keeping their clothes as clean (and germ-free) as possible.

What temperature should I wash baby clothes at?

It’s always best to read care labels and follow their instructions to ensure that clothes are kept in the best condition possible.
That being said  we recommend washing baby clothes (and indeed all clothes) at 30 or 40 degrees celsius. This temperature is hot enough to get rid of all germs and dirt in their clothes, but it is also way friendlier for the environment and for your bank account. It also keeps the clothes in the best condition possible, meaning your little on can wear them again and again (and again!)

How should I dry baby clothes? Can you tumble dry baby clothes?

We recommend drying your baby clothes in direct sunlight.
UV light (bright sunshine is best but daylight works just fine) bleaches stains and breaks down pigmented molecules. After every wash hang stained clothes to dry in a window or on the washing line to let stains fade.
Avoid tumble drying clothes. Tumble drying can shrink your little one’s already little garments and reduce their longevity (by producing microscopic wear).
If you find you really need to tumble dry, use a shorter, less-hot cycle for best results. We would also be interested in "What detergent should I wash baby clothes with?" but this is tricky as we don't want to promote any particular brand and would need to promote an eco option, which you might not find washes the best so no need to address this one if it's a bit tricky! I use an eco egg and ecover softener and that works pretty well for us.

What detergent should I wash baby clothes with?

Detergents come in many different shapes and varieties, with their ingredients and formulations being designed for different uses. We generally recommend detergents which balance stain removal with anti-fade properties, for example never use bio detergent on delicate, natural fabrics like wool, bamboo or silk as the enzymes it contains will damage the fibres. 
There you have it! These are the main areas you need to consider when washing your babies clothes. We'd love to hear your experiences with washing baby clothes. Let us know in the comments.

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