The thing about babies is that they grow. One minute you are changing nappies, the next they have a regular bump on their head because their desire for forward momentum is one step ahead of their ability to keep vertical and before you know it you are emailing Little Green Radicals asking why we don’t do sizes for older kids. Naturally, this is what we love about them as everyday is new but it means their clothes don’t last even when they last.

And just as with adult fashion our acquisitive culture can mean wardrobes full of clothes don’t get worn and end up in landfill sites. In fact, there are 183 million items of unused baby clothes in our homes. So we have to temper our desires for the new, focus more on quality and sustainability, and find ways to reuse that which no longer fits or suits.

You might think advocating ways to reuse clothes poses a dilemma for brands like ours that exist to sell them but we don’t see it like that. We envision a world where a small number of ethical brands take a much larger slice of a smaller pie. We have had conversations about models to encourage the circular economy in our office but it’s a big headache for one brand to set up the logistics to make it work.

That’s why we were delighted when a short while ago Jenny Barrett got in touch. She is the founder of SuperLooper and along with her team has a wealth of experience in the fashion industry and as a parent. Her idea is a simple one, a subscription rental service offering preloved baby clothes with a system to earn credits to rent extra clothes from great sustainable brands.

The SuperLoopers have started a pilot in Brighton, and Little Green Radicals is doing what it can to support them. This is where you as our wonderful LGR customers can help to do your bit too,
and in fact, it could well save you money!

We know that one day there could be SuperLoopers across Britain, and who knows, maybe worldwide. If you want to be a SuperLooper get in touch using or like their Facebook page. Even if you aren’t ready to be a SuperLooper yet,
show them some love and follow them on instagram @superlooperlife.

It’s a super idea!


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