It’s photo shoot time of year and I have a nostalgic feeling. Naturally, the star of our early photoshoots was my son. And, of course, he looked gorgeous in the slogan tees that got us going. Here he is in Give Peas A Chance.

He is just as cute today but Leo isn’t quite like any other boy or girl in his cohort. He is different, special, Autistic. At the age of 12 he does not speak and his likes include playing with foam, rides on carousels and pulling dogs ears.

In many cultures having a disabled child is considered a blessing. I now understand why. There is no pressure on my child to achieve. I never worry how he or I are judged. The only mission each day is, as Dr Seuss put it, to have lots of good fun that is funny. And he does. Every day.

Over the years we have had a few children that are that little bit different as models at our photo shoot. And they had lots of good fun that was funny. Of course, our photo shoots are very popular, so there isn’t space for everyone but everyone is welcome. Does your child want to have lots of good fun that is funny? Do let us know if they do and I bet they will look cute too.

Nick - Little Green Radicals Founder



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