Make your very own patchwork cushion 

If you’re looking for something creative to do this weekend and have old clothes or fabrics that you need to repurpose, why not try some patchwork?! Whether it’s a cushion or a quilt, creating a patchwork item is a great way to hold onto well loved textiles that have seen better days. So, we’ve teamed up with the lovely Lucy @peasandneedles to show you exactly how to turn pieces of fabric into your new favourite cushion! 

What you'll need

  • fabric
  • fabric scissors
  • needle & thread, plus some pins
  • soft stuffing or chopped up fabric
  • iron & ironing board
(optional: rotary cutter, sewing machine, quilt square template)

now, the how to from Lucy...

I like to design my patchwork cushion first, so once I have picked out my fabrics I do some sketches. This also helps to work out how many squares and triangles you need of each fabric. 
  1. Cut all your pieces out using some scissors and a cardboard template (I have used a quilters template and a rotary cutter).
  2. Then take the square pieces and cut them into triangles. I have 4 squares and 4 triangles in the Moon & Stars print, 8 triangles in the check and 12 triangles in plain fabric.
  3. Lay all your pieces out to make sure you have enough and that the design works. Once you are happy you can start sewing. 
  4. First, sew all the triangles together to create the squares. You can either sew these by hand or with a sewing machine. Iron the seams flat. 
  5. Once the front of the cushion is completely sewn together you will need to iron the fabric. 
  6. To make the back of the cushion you will need some fabric the same size as your patchwork piece. Lay your patchwork piece with the right sides together and pin along the edge. 
  7. Sew around the edges leaving a 5cm hole. This will be for turning the cushion out. To prevent excess fabric, cut each corner. Then, turn the cushion cover inside out so the right sides of the fabric are showing.
  8. Stuff the cushion, I have used an old cushion to stuff mine. Lastly, sew up the 5cm gap with a needle and thread.
        We'd love to see your patchwork cushions, or any crafts made with our fabrics! Tag us with your creations @littlegreenradicals..

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