Halloween eco craft 

This lovely activity for Halloween uses up left over pieces of fabric and can be brought out year after year! 
You will need:
  • Scraps of fabric cut to around 30cm by 30cm. We used cream but you could have any colour ghosts you like! Use up old dust sheets, tea towels or whatever bits and bobs you find lying around. 
  • Extra fabric scraps to fill the ghosts head (you'll need a small handful for each ghost).
  • Scissors
  • String
  • A pen
  • A little helper if you have one to hand 


Step One: Making the Ghosts

  • Cut your fabric squares to size, around 30cm by 30cm but you could make larger or smaller squares and have different sizes ghosts. 
  • Take a small handful of extra scraps of fabric and scrunch them into a ball. Place these pieces in the centre of your fabric square. 
  • Bring the 4 corners of the square together and tie a small amount of string around the scraps of fabric to make the ghosts head and secure it in place with a double bow. 

Step Two: Face Decorating

  • Now you have your ghost shape ready, it's time to decorate their face any way you want!

Step Three: Hanging up the Ghosts 

  • Stop when you feel you have enough ghosts, we ended up with 8.
  • Cut a long length of string and secure each ghost using the twine around their neck to keep them in place.
  • Hang up your ghosts and you're all done!

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