By Nick Pecorelli, Little Green Radicals Founder

This has been an unusual period of reflection for all of us. A virus that came from nowhere and the tumult of the unfinished dream born of the civil rights movement in the 1960s, have challenged our purpose and prompted us to do better.


As a company we have an important environmental and social mission. We want to do our bit to transform an industry that values aesthetics but exploits the environment and the people who toil to satisfy our own acquisitiveness. But that social mission also extends to supporting work life balance, to inclusivity in the fullest sense, and to advocacy of the equal worth of all.


We cannot accept the exploitation of our fellow human beings, whether they are in emerging economies or our own neighbours. And we certainly cannot accept the veneration of those who made their living through the crassest form of exploitation.


Nor can we be indifferent to the plight of those whose fate is less kind than ours simply by virtue of birth. We all need to breathe.


I hope this period will give rise to a new level of consciousness in society.
Hope springs eternal.


William Morris is well known in the fashion world. He was a great aesthete, whose sublime designs adorn many a house. But he was also a true polymath who wrote eloquently on social issues.’To do nothing but grumble and not act - that is throwing away one’s life’, is a sentiment that resonates with us all here at Little Green Radicals and that’s particularly so when some lives don’t seem to matter.


Charlotte said:

Beautifully put Nick.

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