Dear Little Green Radicals fan,

This is the first time we have ever offered an exclusive early purchase of a collection to our loyal customers. Let me explain why. We are a successful growing brand, with over 6000 reviews, averaging 4.9, and a dedicated team who make me proud to come into work each day.

But we don’t do things like other brands. We don’t seek the cheapest. We don’t pay our suppliers after we have sold the product. We do things our way. The right way. It starts with our organic cotton farmers, who don’t have to handle dangerous pesticides and get a Fairtrade premium to fund things like nurseries. 

We work with great factories who look after their workers and respect the environment. We will give our Autumn purchase order to them by the middle of this month, and we start paying straight away. It takes five or six months to make everything and get it here by boat. It makes it tough to grow the way we know we can and even tougher to order exactly the right things. 

That’s why for one week only we are offering you 20% off our new range, priority delivery and, of course, our usual 6 month returns. After one week the range will not be available to anyone else until we have dispatched your order.

So it will take a while to get to you (order for a bit of growth). But we know it will be a treat when it arrives. Every order will help us get closer to right. Slow fashion, with love. Offer ends Sunday 11th Feb.

Thank you so much for your support.

Nick Pecorelli



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Mairead Fitzgerald said:

I love the idea behind your brand. The quality of your clothes is excellent, with colourful designs, hard wearing, perfect for children of all ages.

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