Looking for ways to liven up your daily walk and see your local area in a whole new light? Here are 10 fun things to do on a nature walk with kids that we hope will make your outdoor stroll a little bit more magical...

1. Treasure Hunt

Take a few small things from home, hide them and voila, you have a treasure hunt! (Top tip remember to count your treasures before you hide them so you know how many to find!!)

2. Nature Art

Get creative using any natural bits and bobs you find outdoors, take some paper and crayons to make beautiful bark rubbings, or find a comfy spot where they can settle down and draw their surroundings.

 3. Leave it to fate...

Toss a coin to decide which way to go! Heads for right and tails for left (or vice versa). Where will your adventure take you?! 

4. Go Bird Spotting

Spot some common UK birds when you're out and about using this handy list from the Wildlife Trust. (Top tip take along some binoculars if you have them!) 

For some at home bird spotting fun this weekend (29-31 January) join the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch. Find out more here

5. Ultimate hide & seek

Take walkie talkies and dress up with camouflage face paints or clothes to become secret agents on a mission, or build a den for little ones to hide in. 


6. DIY orienteering

Create a simple map with some easy to recognise landmarks along the route to your destination and check them off as you go!

7. Go on a nature scavenger hunt

Download our very own Little Green Radicals Scavenger Hunt here, look for something in every colour or play nature bingo. (Top tip take a magnifying glass to examine anything they find.)

8. Be a Little Green Explorer

Set your little ones some challenges to earn them Explorer points (or badges if you have them). You can download 5 suggested challenges here.  

9. Keep it simple...

Play I Spy as you walk along or find a fantastic tree to climb! 

10. And finally... find the perfect picnic spot

Nothing like the promise of a delicious snack to keep them going (or for a little energy boost along the way). Find cosy, adventure proof outfits to keep your little explorers comfy and warm this autumn. Shop our collection.
Let us know if you try any of these out on your next walk. We'd love to hear any other ideas you have too!
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