Three sensory activities to unlock the power of the humble egg shell...
Omelettes, pancakes, scrambled, boiled, baked into a lovely jammy
Victoria Sponge - where do your eggs end up?

However you cook them, we really hope two things:
1. They came from happy, healthy chickens.
2. You don’t chuck the egg shells away.

Here's what you can do with them...

Idea one: sow them!

Pop a little cotton wool into your cracked egg shell, damp it with water
and get your little one to sprinkle some cress seeds on top. Careful
hands can even draw faces on the shells. Then apply a smidge of
patience and watch as the cress seeds grow into fabulous green hair!



Idea two: crunch them!

Soft-bodied insects like slugs and snails don’t like crawling over sharp
egg shells. We don’t blame them. So defend your garden the natural
way by getting your little one to smoosh the shells with a potato masher.
This is a great way to encourage gross motor skills and strength and the
crunch crunch crunch is always a crowd-pleaser for toddlers. Once
you’re done, sprinkle the sharp bits of shell on your flower beds or
vegetable patch for some natural protection! 



Idea three: grind them!

Egg shells are super rich with calcium, so don’t let it go to waste. Instead
crunch them up as above with a potato masher then transfer to a pestle
and mortar to grind them up even more. The twisting action of grinding is
a complicated one for little hands to master, so give them a hand and
help them build confidence with different tools in the process. You can
then mix your finely ground shells with fertiliser to help your plants and
veggies grow super strong together.



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We’d love to see you getting to grips with some shell smashing, as well
as any cress heads you manage to grow... If this post has inspired you
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