Have a very merry eco Christmas!

As lots of us are looking to have a more sustainable Christmas this year, here are a few simple swaps to reduce waste and help make the festivities planet friendly. 

1. Make homemade Christmas decorations 

  • Get the kids involved and make DIY decorations with them like paper chains, snowflakes and tie cinnamon sticks, pinecones or baked oranges with natural string or ribbon to the tree. 
  • You could try making homemade Stockings using our craft fabric too! 
  • .Find more easy crafty decoration ideas from Pebble Magazine. 

2. Get a sustainable Christmas tree


3. Have a waste free Christmas

  • What’s more Christmassy than beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree? This year, why not choose fabric gift wrap that can be used year after year, or make reusable gift bags for your loved ones? 
  • Did you know that lots of wrapping paper isn’t recyclable? There are some festive recycled and recyclable options from Wearth London and you can use reusable ribbons or plastic free tape with fun designs like these from Babipur!
  • For the inevitable leftovers, Wicked Leeks has some delicious ideas for using up Christmas food to avoid waste. 

4. Eco gift ideas

  • Give a little differently with pre-loved, ethically made and handmade gifts. 
  • We have a lovely organic, Fairtrade gift selection for babies, toddlers and children (plus one or two for adults) in our Christmas Shop.

5. Choose Fairtrade and organic

  • For the all important Christmas meal look for Fairtrade and organic ingredients where possible.
  • Why not give some meat free opinions a go? Most of the roast is already veg anyway! Yum. 

We’d love to hear what eco swaps you’re doing this year. Let us know in the comments below.

Merry Christmas Everyone


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