Willkommen, Benvenuto, Welkom,
Bienvenu, Bienvenidos, Witamy

We have a new EU website and warehouse!

Over many years we have been offering our fantastic organic and Fairtrade children’s clothes to our lovely customers throughout the EU. Unfortunately, Brexit made it difficult for us to offer the service you expect from the UK. We regret that, and whilst we always did our best to fix any issues, we believe in being proactive.

So what's changed? 

1. You can now pay in your local currency
2. There are no import or duty taxes to pay when you receive your items
3. Quicker Delivery as we now ship from our EU warehouse

We thank you all for staying with us!

Danke, Grazie, Dank U, Merci, Thank you, Gracias, Dziękuję Ci

If you're in the EU or Ireland, you'll now be automatically redirected to www.littlegreenradicals.com. 


Serena Mandara said:

I am in Mali and I would like to place an order to be delivered to Italy. However i do not manage as shipping seems to be not available for EU.
I tried to reach your EU website but I did not manage.
Thanks for your support

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