At Little Green Radicals we do everything we can to make sure we tread as lightly as possible on the earth. Over the last year, we’ve removed the last few bits of plastic from our packaging, and worked on ways to reduce our overall waste. Every step of the way we consider the impact of our choices.

Little changes can make a big difference....

Since switching our clothing bags to 100% compostable (GM Free) corn starch, we’ve replaced 295,000 plastic bags (so far)!

We removed all plastic packaging from our natural skincare, introducing metal lids, discontinuing products with plastic containers and we now use Geami paper to protect the items when they’re shipped to you. Geami paper is smaller than the previous packaging, which reduces transportation and storage costs, plus it’s biodegradable and recyclable.

Inspired by Marie Kondo, we changed the way we fold some of our clothes to fit in a smaller bag that’s 25% smaller and have worked with our producers to find ways to use up leftover fabrics to minimise waste.

compostable packaging

As before, our postage bags, gift boxes and tissue paper are made from recycled, fully recyclable paper and our gift ribbons are GOTS certified 100% organic cotton (like all our cotton clothing).

Plastic Free Gift Wrapping

Find out lots of brilliant, simple ideas from @plasticfreejuly to reduce your day to day plastic use, and make it fun for kids to take part too! From getting them to help with recycling and having a favourite reusable water bottle, to choosing lovely unpackaged treats at your local refill shops.

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