Our super certifications

Since the beginning, we've only used cotton that's Fairtrade and organic certified, so you can rest assured that the farmers and people who make our clothes are being treated and paid fairly. To be awarded GOTS and Fairtrade status, the whole production process is checked, from cotton farming, to the inks and dyes used, right through to cutting and stitching of our beautifully made clothing. 

Fairtrade Certification

In a nutshell Fairtrade certification gives farmers the following benefits:
• A guaranteed minimim price plus for a community fund
• Co-operative support & improved borrowing power
• Training on carbon reduction, water management and bio-diversity and promotion of gender equality
• No child labour
• No synthetic pesticides or fertilizers

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

Organic cotton is better for farmers, for the environment and for us:
• Crops aren't intensely sprayed with pesticides that can damage farmers health & GM seeds are banned.
• Rivers, lakes and drinking water surrounding the cotton fields are cleaner & less greenhouse gas emissions are used.
• No toxins like phthalates, chemical bleaches & heavy metals are used so organic won't irritate your child's skin.

Producer Partner: Logotech

Logotech are found in Kolkata, India. They are our long-term partner of over 10 years whose knowledge and experience is invaluable to us. With their attention to detail, fabric expertise and careful stitching, Logotech are a joy to work with and we hugely look forward to seeing the clothes they make from each new collection.

Producer Partner: Rajlakshmi

Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills is one of India’s largest Fairtrade certified producers and make our beautiful organic knitwear. Rajlakshmi were the founding members of Chetna, a producer co-operative which consists of 15,000 small organic cotton farmers and are a leading light in ethical production.

Producer Partner: Deeps Textiles

We’ve been working with this family run business based in the luscious countryside around Kolkata, India for many years. They’re are a leading light in ethical manufacturing and we hugely value their expertise.

Equality & Empowerment

Deeps collaborate with Swadhina, who work to improve the lives of women and children in rural India. They also provide training, healthcare and steady wages for female employees.

Zero Waste Projects

They operate a zero textile wastage policy to reduce their environmental impact. Scraps of fabric are reused and made into new products including our soft toys and accessories, or recycled.

Expert Hand Screen-Printers

The skilled team at Deeps print each colour onto our organic fabrics by hand to create our designs. Not an easy task with some of our multi-colour prints!

Producer Partner: Qualiance

Qualiance produce our wonderful rainwear which uses a high performance fabric made by Recyclatex from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles and polyester. Finding the right fabric and producer, and working with them to make a technical product that also looked amazing was 10 years in the making, and we were led by our Founders Nick’s philosophy that, “It is not just ‘what’ we make but ‘how’ we make it.”

At their factory, Qualiance harvest rainwater and use solar panels to create part of the energy they use. They are have over 10 certifications to their name!