Here are some crafty ways to use your Explorer Badges from the wonderful Amy from The Enchanted Mother. They can be stitched onto anything you fancy and you can also take part in our Explorer Challenge to earn badges!


Here's what Amy did:

"We stitched some badges onto our most loved knitted jumper, so it now matches our new clothes perfectly for Autumn. We also added some badges to our back pack, adding the perfect touch to our adventure. We loved that the badges encourage creativity and allow you to express a unique style.”

A big thank you to The Enchanted Mother for her beautiful creations!

Be a Little Green Radicals Explorer

Each set of Explorer Badges come with a set of outdoorsy, autumn-friendly challenges, which you can complete together. For every task completed, your Little Green Explorer earns a badge. Download your explorer map here


Stichworte: Craft Time Family Fun

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