Many Little Green Radicals fans will know that a few months ago we started using compostable bags on some of products (find out more) and we wanted to update you about how we're progressing with this project.
For our February spring delivery (arriving soon), 100 percent of our bags will be compostable, which we're very excited about! Our summer delivery will still use regular recyclable bags, but by the Autumn we think 100 percent of everything we bring in will be compostable. We'll keep you posted.
We know you want us to go faster and we do too but we have to monitor things carefully to make sure the bags do their job. Because our new bags are home compostable, even slightly elevated humidity in the factory when our lovely clothes are being packed or in our warehouse could start the composting process a bit too early which could damage the clothes. That wouldn’t be good for anyone, least of all the environment. Compostable bag technology is a relatively new thing, if you don’t count things like banana leave bags, which look fun but aren’t that practical, and so we're having to go through this testing phase to make sure they work and stand the test of time.   
We are on our way towards the summit and are already thinking about our next journey….

How to compost your bag

  • Use it as a lining in your food waste caddy, or just pop it in your council garden or food waste bin. This 'industrial compost' method will take around 180 days to break down the bag.
  • You can put it in your home compost heap if you have one.It will take about one year for them to disappear,unless you happen to have have a wormery and then it will be quicker!

What's great about these bags?

  • They're made from naturally grown cereals.
  • As no plastic is used to make them, no harmful plastic microfibres or residues are left when they compost.



    Carine said:

    Dear Little Green Radicals

    A huge thank you for taking the lead on tackling plastic pollution and switching to plant-based compostable packaging. I do hope many other companies will follow and act with love and respect for our amazing planet and future generations of all species.

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