By Nick Pecorelli, Little Green Radicals Founder
Little Green Radicals clothes have been organic from day one.
The cotton we source and all the factories that produce our clothes have been
certified as organic and Fairtrade each and every year.

That’s the only way we do things.

But astute observers among you may have noticed we had no organic cotton GOTS certification mark on our labels. That’s because to carry the mark you don't just need organic cotton, you also to audit the whole supply chain, including the transportation of the goods after they leave the factory. So we decided to cross the t’s and dot the i’s and put our organic credentials in lights. We dug out the GM free certificate for our biodegradable bags, spruced up our risk assessments and generally increased our sense of satisfaction in what we do and now here we are, right on time for the celebration of all things organic this Organic September.

Approved and affirmed. Organic all the way.
Every day. Certified.




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