Using a transparent supply chain to make our long lasting, colourful, organic clothes is at the heart of Little Green Radicals. We're very proud of the three producers we work with in India (Deeps, Silk & Fab and Logotech) and wanted to tell you about some of the wonderful work they do. 

How our prints are made

Many of our prints are screen printed which means every single colour is hand painted onto the fabric by a skilled printer. This is not an easy task when we ask for multi-colour rainbow designs like this Leo Lions print from our Spring Summer 19 collection!!

 Skilled sample makers

Here’s one producer from Silk and Fab making the Spring Bloom Falling Water Top. Lucy, one of the Little Green Radical family, wore the same top at a photoshoot.


Want to get involved? 

Just asking the companies you buy from #whomademyclothes encourages them to be open and transparent about where their products come from.

If there’s anything you’d like to find out please let us know in the comments below and we’ll report back!


IL Giardino della Talpa said:

good morning. my name is Francesca. I have a children’s clothing store in Rome. I am interested in your brand and would like to receive sales formations. I look forward to your reply. regards

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