With a bit more time on our hands then usual, lots of us have been getting crafty and thinking about ways to have a more eco-friendly Christmas. Reusable fabric wrapping is a great way to combine both these things!

The Furoshiki wrapping method originates from Japan and uses beautiful fabrics to wrap gifts, knotting the ends together so there's no need for string or tape and doesn't create any waste. 

You can reuse the fabric wrap year after year - it could become part of your Christmas tradition, with different prints or colours for each member of the family! It's also a way to upcycle clothes that have reached the end of their life - all you need is a square piece of fabric that's big enough to wrap your gift. 

Watch our 'how to' guide below

A few tips

  • Thin cotton works well but you can use any fabric you have available. 
  • To wrap a small book we used a square of cotton 40cm by 40cm.
  • In our video we tied the wrap with a single knot, but there are lots of different knots you can try.




We would really love to hear if you use any fabric wrap this Christmas and to see some pictures if you'd like to share them with us! 


Fiona Moorhead said:

This is absolutely fabulous! Love the idea of using fabric in place of wrapping paper and tape.

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