The fun-filled festive season is coming up and our little ones will soon be opening their advent calendars every morning in the countdown to the big day. Hurray! 
We've joined forces with the lovely Lucy from @peasandneedles who's created a step-by-step guide for us showing how to make a beautiful,  eco-friendly, low waste Advent Calendar from left over bits and bobs that you can find around your home, like scrap paper and fabric.
So, let's get crafty…

What you'll need

  • leftover paper, packaging or fabric
  •  2 wooden rings, long length of fabric or some string
  • (optional) extra decorations like wool, bells, wooden beads
  • scissors, needle & thread, glue stick & double sided tape
  • chocolate coins (or any fillers for the calendar) 

Let's get started!

  •  Cut out 24 various shapes for each day using left-over fabric, paper or packaging pieces. I cut out a selection of triangles, circles, stars and diamonds. They will need to be big enough to fit your treat in, approximately 12cm x 16cm and you will need a front and a back.
  •  Next, cut out your numbers using a contrasting material or, for an easier option, you can simply use a marker pen. For this version, I cut numbers out and stuck them on with glue.
  • Once the numbers are on the front, stick the front and backs together using double sided tape. Don’t forget to insert your treat or message! 
  • To make the garland to hang the treats from we will use some material from the Little Green Radicals range or you can always recycle a tablecloth or an old curtain. For an easier option, you can use some string or ribbon and skip to the final instruction!
  • Cut 3 strips approximately 1.5m in length and 5cm wide. Bind the ends of the 3 strips of fabric around the wooden ring using some wool or string. Tie off and trim any loose ends.
  • Plait the 3 strips of fabric together. Once you have reached the end, bind these ends to the other wooden ring as you did before. If you have enough fabric you can add another braid to your garland by repeating the last few steps but cut the material strips slightly shorter so you have one shorter than the other. To add some festive decoration you can use some home made pom poms, fabric tassels or sew on some beads and bells.
  • Lay alll your pieces out on the table and spread evenly across your garland. Attach an extra decorations and trim any extras. Now all thats left is to attach your numbers. With a needle and thread, poke your needle through the paper and tie the thread around the garland and hang naturally. You can add some to the top garland too.
  • Hang the advent calendar somewhere at home and ta-da! You've made your very own advent calendar! Now all that's left to do is to open them up each morning. 



We hope you enjoyed making your low waste advent calendars, and we would love to see how they look! Feel free to tag us in your posts or send us photos on socials. Do you have more ideas for low waste and eco-friendly Christmas? Tell us in the comments and have a Merry Christmas from all of us at Little Green Radicals.

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