Craft Time! Reusable Fabric Gift Bags

Craft Time! Reusable Fabric Gift Bags

The festive season approaches! Find out how to make beautiful reusable gift bags with our friend Julia from @upcyclefashion.
Reusable gift bags are a brilliant way to reduce waste as they can be used year after year, plus we think they look absolutely lovely! You can use festive fabrics and ribbons to make them, or use up bits and pieces of fabric that you have around the house. They're perfect for little gifts, stocking fillers or even as party bags - if you're feeling extra creative you could customise by embroidering on a child's name or initial to make it extra special!

top tip

The drawstring technique Julia uses here as the fastening, is one of her top upcycling techniques that can be replicated in many other projects.  

What will I need? 

+ 1 x A4 sheet of paper  
+ Fabric (no smaller than the size of an A4 sheet of paper) 
+ 45cm ribbon (colour to match or contrast your bag, whatever you think looks good!)  
+ Needle and thread (thread colour best possible match to the fabric) 
+ Fabric scissors (or sharp kitchen scissors)  
+ 2 x pins  and 1 x safety pin  
+ A little helper


right side = the side you want to see, the outside of the bag 
wrong side = the side you don't want to see, the inside of the bag  

Let's get Started!

 - Using an A4 piece of paper as a template, cut out a rectangle of fabric. Iron the fabric and place right side down on a flat surface in a landscape position.

- Fold the left side and right side in by 1cm. Iron flat.

Keeping the 1cm side edges folded in, also fold the top edge down by 3cm. Iron Flat. Pin at each side to keep in place whilst stitching. 

- Stitch along the top edge, leaving a 2cm gap for the ribbon to pass through. This creates a channel for your ribbon to pass through.

- Attach the safety pin to one end of the ribbon and use the safety pin to guide the ribbon through the channel you have just made  at the top of the fabric.  

- Keeping the fabric in a landscape orientation, fold the fabric in half, joining the two shortest sides (left and right sides) together. 

- Starting just below the ribbon, stitch the two sides together and continue to stitch along the bottom of the bag. 

- Turn the bag inside out (so that you now see the right side of the fabric) and iron the seams flat. 

- Fill your giftbag with goodies, then use the ribbon as a drawstring to close the bag and tie a bow.  


Watch the magic happen! 

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