Child Size Guide

Arm Length
newborn 56cm 41cm 19cm
0 - 3m 62cm 44cm 22cm
3 - 6m 68cm 45.5cm 23.5cm
6 - 9m 74cm 46cm 25cm
9 - 12m 80cm 50cm 26.5cm
12-18m 86cm 52cm 29.5cm
18-24m 92cm 54cm 32cm
2 - 3y 98cm 55cm 34.5cm
3 - 4y 104cm 57cm 37cm
4 - 5y 110cm 59cm 39.5cm
5 - 6y 116cm 61cm 42cm
6 - 7y 122cm 63cm 44.5cm
7 - 8y 128cm 66cm 47cm

How to Measure

Measure from the top of the head to the bottom of their feet when your child is standing up or lying down.

Measure around the chest just beneath your child's underarms.

Arm Length
Measure from the edge of the shoulder to the wrist when arm is straight.

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