At this time of year we like to acknowledge our amazing workers in India. The 'Who Made My Clothes' campaign was started after the tragic collapse of a factory in Bangladesh in 2013. It has grown into a movement that celebrates textile workers around the world, and like us, campaigns for better working conditions, transparency and for greater respect for the environment. This year is particularly poignant because like many parts of the world India is in lockdown and our factories are closed. 
Making clothes that last is one of the most important ways of reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry and the quality of our fabrics and the detail of the products is something which, for us, is a joy to see. Our factory workers take great pride in what they do and we look forward to pride being restored and a world that can once again focus on the real things that matter to us all: tackling climate change, lifting humanity out of poverty and celebrating the skill and dedication of the people who make our lives more beautiful. 
We thank them all.
Nick Pecorelli, Little Green Radicals Founder
Find out about our three producers in India and what they do >


Christine Jackson said:

Hi, I recently bought a babies jacket which was reversible from little green radicals,I also bought a dress which was candy striped and reversed into a pink dress with little daisies and I think in times where we are trying to be environmentally aware that this is such a good idea and you get two for roughly the price of one and I also wondered if it was possible to turn an item of clothing into 3 different options as well as two. Or even more. Christine jackson

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