We're delighted to have been awarded

Best sustainable clothing and accessories brand for kids
by Marie Claire. 
“At Little Green Radicals we know nothing is truly beautiful unless it is made the right way and for the last 17 years we have blazed a trail for an ethical fashion revolution with our long-lasting comfy playwear. We are delighted to receive this prestigous award in recognition of the work we have done so far and the best is yet to come.”
Nick Pecorelli, Little Green Radicals Founder

We put thought into every thread, so you can rest assured that your child's clothes are better for them, better for farmers and producers, and better for the planet. For the last 16 years Little Green Radicals have blazed a trail for an ethical fashion revolution with our long-lasting comfy playwear, and this is just the beginning.

Here's how we've been doing business a little differently… 

Always organic
The cotton we use is 100% GOTS organic which is better for kids, better for farmers and better for the planet. Organic cotton is grown without the harmful pesticides used in conventional cotton farming, plus uses less water, which means it has less impact on the farmers and the environment. 
Fairtrade pioneers
In 2005, we became one of the first companies to use Fairtrade certified cotton. Simply put, Fairtrade means we pay more for our cotton, which gives more to the farmers, their families and their communities. They receive a guaranteed minimum price, plus a premium which might be used to build a school, or a well – it’s up to them – but little by little Fairtrade farmers see an improvement in their
daily lives. The Fairtrade certification also guarantees transparency and good working standards throughout the supply chain.
Circular economy pre-loved clothing returns
In 2021 we launched SuperLoop which gives customers money back for returning pre-loved clothes, and keeps clothes out of landfill by renting them out. Customers send clothes to SuperLooper who check, grade and add them to their children’s clothing rental library. The grading determines the value of the discount voucher that can be redeemed on purchases with us. 
It’s win:win, as our customers get rewarded for sending back outgrown clothes, and because our clothes are made to last they get plenty of extra life by being kept in circulation. The only losers here are the landfills, and that’s good news for all of us. 
Plastic-free toys using leftover fabrics
Usually soft toys are made from petroleum plastics like polyester, but earlier this year we introduced 100% organic cotton toys. Wherever possible, the outside is made from leftover fabric offcuts that would otherwise go to waste. The soft filling is made from small pieces of organic and Fairtrade cotton, created as a by-product when fabric is cut, that’s shredded and upcycled into a fluffy stuffing. 
Planet friendly recycled rainwear
Since 2018, we’ve saved almost 90,000 post-consumer plastic bottles from landfill by using recycled plastic fabric for our 100% waterproof raincoats. They’re also the only waterproof raincoats on the market lined with organic and Fairtrade cotton.
Plastic-free compostable bags

In 2019 we introduced compostable clothing bags made from natural cereals that so far have replaced nearly 300,000 plastic bags. 
Beautiful clothes, made to be passed on
One of the most sustainable things we can do is to consume less and make sure the things we buy last. We put thought into every thread to make sure our clothes are long-lasting, timeless and comfy for kids to wear, so they can be passed along from one child to another.
We have more exciting new projects coming up too. Watch this space!

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