Hello! I’m Bonnie, the production co-ordinator for Little Green Radicals and in October 2019 I visited our producers in India with Josie, our designer. 

 - Bonnie with our lovely team from Logotech - 

 I had an amazing time, meeting the colleagues who I speak to daily about our designs and the talented people who make them. We oversaw the development of samples for our Autumn Winter 20 collection, making sure all the little details were just right as this makes all the difference to the quality and style of the finished product. 


- Screens ready to be used - 

It was great to see how the skilled craftsmen at our producer Deeps in Kolkata screen print each colour onto our organic fabrics by hand.  


 - Colourful painted walls -  


 - New Little Green Radicals screens being made  - 


 - Each colour of the design is layered up to create the finished print. Can you guess what it is? - 


 - Little Golden Sheep! -


Alongside another of our producers, Silk and Fab based in Delhi, we came up with some lovely new products to use up waste fabric, including Tote Bags, which will be added to our Spring Summer collection.  


- Developing new patterns with our tailor -  

We ate lots of delicious Indian food (maybe a bit too much paneer!) and experienced Diwali the festival of lights, including its explosive fire crackers...


Our wonderful suppliers were so welcoming and I want to thank them for their dedication and the beautiful garments they make. 

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