Craft Time! Make Your Own Eco Rainmaker Instrument

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Let's Make Salt Dough!
Find out how to make salt dough with your little ones, with lots of inspiration from Springtime...
How to Make Your Own Eco Rainmaker Instrument
Come join our Jamboree. Learn how to make your own homemade rainmakers  from left over craft materials. They are fun to make, can be decorated in
What makes our toys so special?
Introducing our new plastic free soft toys, made from upcycled and leftover fabric, and they're really cuddly too!
We Stand with Ukraine
As the Founder of Little Green Radicals I have always said we don’t do politics we just show by example. But what is unfurling in Ukraine in front of our eyes is beyond politics. 
Five fantastic ways to reduce waste this Christmas
Have a very merry eco Christmas! As lots of us are looking to have a more sustainable Christmas this year, here are a few simple swaps to help reduce waste and make the festivities planet friendly...
Craft Time! Reusable Fabric Gift Bags
The festive season approaches! Find out how to make beautiful reusable gift bags with our friend Julia from @upcyclefashion.
10 fun things to do on a nature walk with kids!
Looking for ways to liven up your daily walk and see your local area in a whole new light? Here are 10 fun things to do...
The Ultimate Guide To Washing Baby Clothes with @thelittleloopclothing
Choosing clothes for your child can be a lot of fun! But keeping them in fantastic condition can be a little harder...
Make an eco-friendly Advent Calendar!
In the lead up to the fun-filled festive season, Lucy from @peasandneedles advent has made a beautiful low waste, eco-friendly advent calendar for us from leftover paper and fabrics, come and see how to make yours too...
Our Journey To Plastic Free
At Little Green Radicals we do everything we can to make sure we tread as lightly as possible on the earth. 
Make Your Own Super Summer Bunting!
It's finally summer. Hurray!! And how better to celebrate it than with a jamboree full of friends and loved ones...
Hello EU! New website. New warehouse. Come on in.

Willkommen, Benvenuto, Welkom, Bienvenu, Bienvenidos, Witamy to our new EU website and warehouse!

Craft Time! Make Your Own Eco Rainmaker Instrument
Learn how to make your own homemade rainmakers from left over craft materials. They are fun to make, can be decorated in...
Share and share alike. Our partnership with thelittleloop.
Since we teamed up with the Superloopers last year to give used clothes a new home, we’ve been looking at more ways to extend the life of the clothes we make...
Hope Springs Eternal
This has been an unusual period of reflection for all of us. A virus that came from nowhere and the tumult of the unfinished dream born of the civil rights movement...
Could you be a SuperLooper?
The thing about babies is that they grow. One minute you are changing nappies, the next they have a regular bump on their head because their desire...
Fairtrade. A way of being.
Little Green Radicals started life in 2005 and along with People Tree and a couple of other great brands we were the first to get Fairtrade certification in the UK. 
Photoshoots - all are welcome
It’s photo shoot time of year and I have a nostalgic feeling. Naturally, the star of our early photoshoots was my son. And, of course, he looked gorgeous in ...
Pesticides. No thanks.
There are lots of reasons for avoiding pesticides. Our own health and the health of our children is cited by many Little Green Radical fans. But for me...
Clothes for Boys, clothes for Girls
We have ummed and ahhed over this for a while now but the Boys & Girls section on our website has been the subject of an on going conversation...